Design Philosophy

We believe design follows function for ease of use
and an excellent human experience.

Design Approach

We help our clients and their organizations create an environment that not only
will suit their needs but has room to grow. We are frequently approached to design schools, and large
spaces for public use that are in transition. We plan for that and help our clients plan for the future taking
into consideration their budgets and their growth.

Our clients select us because they know we will not only create the building they will use
but a total experience including the interior areas and the outside landscaping so it all works
together with the location they have available.

We bring solutions with our designs. FIND OUT HOW  



  • • Architecural Design
  • • Space Planning
  • • Rehabilitation
  • • Interior Design
  • • Sustainable/ Green Building

MASTER Planning  

  • • Consulting
  • • Long Range Planning
  • • Building Surveys
  • • Campus-wide Planning

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