Master Planning

Planning for the future

While keeping an eye on detail

Many of the projects we manage are buildings that need to grow with the needs of the client. Nowhere is that more crucial than in the educational area where technology and rapid growth is the norm. We know how to plan for these eventualities and actually help our clients with the bureaucracy involved with government agencies and the community. We like these challenges and we look at the BIGGER picture.

Consulting   Long Range Planning   Building Surveys   Campus-wide Planning  



At SEI, we don’t just “go through the motions” of completing your design drawings. The relationship goes much deeper and can include a host of different types of consulting.

SEI can get involved in:

  • Funding strategies
  • Community committees
  • Public information campaigns
  • Land purchase analysis
  • Existing systems diagnostics
  • Five and ten year master plans
  • Campus wide security strategies


One of our specialties is long range planning, helping clients to plan ahead years, or even decades in advance. Architectural building projects can take years to plan, design and implement. Often a client’s goals transcend the ability to complete everything in one project.

SEI can assist in planning out multi-phase projects over 5-10 years and beyond. By forecasting future phases, projects can be completed in the right order so that time and budgets are not wasted by doing re-work.

  • Gain a deep understanding of your project
  • Work with planning committees
  • Complete field surveys and report to the committee
  • Finalize recommendations and estimate project costs
  • Assist with project prioritization and ranking strategies
  • Complete master report based on programming process

Final report becomes a “living document”
and ever changing planning tool to map out future work.


Need a thorough survey of your current facility? SEI can assist with detailed inventories of existing conditions, photos tied into electronic key plans and in depth analysis of the current infrastructure. The final report will be customized to your needs and can include a full listing of discovered conditions, location plans, photos, life expectancy of systems and cost estimates.

Our survey can include:

  • Building envelope
  • Interior spaces and finishes
  • Mechanical and electrical systems
  • Hazardous Material summary
  • Site analysis
  • Sub-surface investigation
  • Kitchen equipment review

Campus-Wide Planning

Does your facility include multiple buildings on one site? If your next project will consist of work at different buildings on a campus, SEI can assist in maximizing budget dollars and planning to get the most out of all available options.

Campus layouts offer many benefits, but also challenges to your project. One issue may be how to allocate available budgets to different buildings or parts of the site.

SEI can assist this process in several ways:
  • Combining budgets and maximizing aid
  • Site analysis to maximize the value of shared site improvements
  • Campus wide safety and circulation plan
  • Evaluation of renewable energy on a campus setting

A campus environment can offer many advantages including
shared facilities, utilities, maintenance services and oversight administration.
SEI can assist you in making your campus project a success!

SEI can take your future plans and make them possible every step of the way.

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