The key to great ARCHITECTURAL design

is creating spaces that follow function beautifully

At SEI we strive for our clients to get a structure that will not only encompass all their needs when
it comes to functionality, space and future use, but also that it is beautiful to look at. We want our building
designs to broaden the creativity and work being done inside and expand the users ability to dream BIG.

Space Planning Interior Design Rehabilitation of Existing Structures Sustainable/Green Building Concept



SEI analyzes each project and comes up with creative and imaginative solutions.

We look at:

  • Hierarchy of space/adjacencies and program
  • Unique designs integrating code with space needs
  • Review of multiple solutions with client
  • Shifting of horizontal and vertical relationships to solve challenges
  • Review of program against schedule and budget
  • Moving forward with the best collaborative design to the next level


Often mistaken for simple color or finish selections,
interior design for SEI is a much deeper and complex process.

We strive to have our interior space environments match
and tie in to the overall design of the building.

The interior design can go much further than paint and tile by addressing: entrance sequences, hierarchy of public to private space, interior borrowed light, volume change and using recycled materials. Our interior design services can also provide a client with: furniture inventory and/or selections, open office space plans, lighting selection and equipment coordination and specifications. Of course our interior design includes cutting edge flooring, wall and ceiling finishes including unique and creative designs and patterns to compliment every project.

REHABILITATION of Existing Structures

ramp after

See Before  

Maintain, enhance and restore existing historic materials and detail.

  • often with significant architectural detail
  • May include restoration of materials to their original condition

exterior after

Take an existing building and “re-imagine” the space

  • Incorporates new designs, circulation, finishes and even special layouts.
  • an older building can be brought back to life.
  • sometimes with a new use or occupancy type.
  • "re-invigorate" an existing structure for the next 50 years and beyond.

Rehabilitation can improve safety, water and air quality, natural lighting, exterior envelope, furnishings and of course, the finishes.


Want to incorporate Eco-friendly design initiatives into your next project?

So do we! SEI will work with you to include sustainable building features that make sense to your design. We use green building concepts in every project but the depth of those concepts can go as far as your community or building committee can imagine! From simple steps such as low VOC materials to more elaborate Geo-thermal systems, SEI can help you achieve a project that is better for the environment and it's building occupants.

SEI is proud to have recently completed two LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Certified Designs for the Syracuse City School District.

As part of those projects, we incorporated the following green building initiatives:

  • Use of recycled building materials
  • Building demolition – recycling of demolition waste
  • Re-use of existing building components to reduce demolition waste
  • Use of regional materials to reduce trucking distances to the site
  • Solar panels/wind harnessing - energy generation
  • Geothermal systems
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling systems, including heat recovery methods
  • Low energy use electrical equipment and lighting
  • Daylight harvesting: adjusts the light levels in the building based on current light from windows
  • Incorporation of high volume air changes prior to occupancy to improve air quality
  • Enhancement of student programs highlighting green initiatives
  • Preferred parking for high gas mileage vehicles
  • Bicycle and shower facilities in encourage bike transportation to site.
  • Rain water storage and re-use facilities

The team at SEI Design Group is ready for your project.

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