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That fosters creativity


While we carry a lot of responsibility in our projects, it is
balanced with fun and camaraderie.

At SEI we offer solutions to complex designs and figure out how to correctly deliver them to our clients, making sure all our designs are safe and inviting. Since design is in the details, it requires a lot of concentration and teamwork within our company. For this reason, SEI has a relaxed atmosphere and we strive to keep a good balance between work and play for creativity to grow, while preventing burnout.

We work hard, and need to take a break from time to time! Whether it’s a simple birthday celebration or a quick trip to a food truck for lunch, it often ends up being a large group. We also enjoy free time at company picnics, our Christmas party, office events (dress up theme days) and our famous cooking competitions. We even have our SEI group of motorcycle enthusiasts, who hit the road every summer!

It’s our work hard/play hard attitude that keeps us moving forward

If you would like to be considered for a position at SEI please email your resume and portfolio samples as a PDF document to our HR Department.



We believe in fostering meaningful and long lasting experiences.

Our interns are exposed to a wide variety of tasks and take part in project team meetings and site visits. Other activities may include rendering work for upcoming projects, competitions and community volunteer team events. Mentors at all levels will be available to enrich your time at SEI. A successful internship can provide an excellent path to future full time employment!

Keeping Challenged

Competitions expand our design capabilities

In order to expand our design opportunities, the studio participates in design competitions. Those design competitions help us to explore new software techniques, graphic workflows, presentation styles, and challenges our problem-solving strategies. We utilize competitions to build camaraderie within the studio and for the fun of a new project. We use that time to charrette about the competition and come back to our normal work with new ideas. We select competitions that both align with our current project typologies and also competitions which are outside of our areas of expertise.

Competitions we’ve participated in:

  • Redesigning the School Lunch Experience a Design Ideas Competition Redesign the school lunch experience to give the best in health and wellness to our kids. Hosted by AIA Seattle and Design in Public.
  • Rochester Designers Unleashed Architectural Ideas Competition - Wadsworth Square Park Propose a use for a parking lot on the edge of the Inner Loop and community park. Hosted by AIA Rochester, Emerging Rochester Architects, Alfred State College, and Finger Lakes Community College.
  • 4th Annual Life of an Architect Playhouse Competition Design a children’s playhouse which has the potential to get built and be auctioned at the Dallas CASA Parade of Playhouses charity event. Hosted by Bob Borson of the blog Life of an Architect.

The projects we select are usually for underserved demographics
or benefit different not-for-profit groups. In all of our design competition entries,

we foster a sense of fun and excitement.

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