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P.B. Duffy School #12

Rochester, NY | Rehabilitation | 2016

BIG idea

"Bring daylight to the heart of the building"

The scope of work for this facility centers on its conversion from a   K-6 facility to a 4-strand K-8 facility. It includes alterations and renovations of approximately 95,000 square feet of existing interior space including the construction of new partitions to create separate classrooms, as well as small additions. Interior rehabilitation work includes the construction of two light wells which allows natural daylight into interior spaces. The light wells serve as an organizing element giving structure to the surrounding spaces as well as creating an area for additional stairs for circulation between floors. The light wells also helped transform the exterior image of the school providing additional glazing and transparency to the life and learning within the schools walls.

Interior rehabilitation work of the existing building includes the removal and replacement of interior finishes, doors; HVAC, plumbing and electrical system upgrades, and abatement of asbestos and asbestos containing materials. Exterior work includes complete window replacement, exterior doors, and rehabilitation of the existing brick masonry and concrete.

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