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McClellan House - SUNY Geneseo

Geneseo, NY | Restoration | 2017

BIG idea

"Be truthful to the spirit of the house"

The University’s Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS) operates and manages various functions within the university, including dining services, retail operations, laundry services, and the Campus Bookstore. Before they took over the maintenance and operation of the McClellan House in Spring 2013, they hired SEI Design Group to prepare a building analysis to assess the existing condition of the building, explore alternative uses based upon State and local municipal codes, and estimate costs to make modifications.

SEI Design Group led a team of professional consultants to evaluate and report on the building over several weeks. In addition to cost estimates and suggestions for maintaining and improving the existing building, SEI Design Group also presented three alternatives for the building’s use: business use, residential use, and retail use. All three design alternatives included building models demonstrating the addition of exit stairs and/or an elevator.

SEI is currently in the process of restoring the McClellan House utilizing a measured approach to stabilize the building while planning efforts continue for renovations to the interior. Restoration of the roof, windows and exterior masonry have begun and the final exterior improvements should be completed in the summer of 2016. SEI Design group work with the local historic preservation board to review paint colors and architectural detailing associated with the front entry porch.

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