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#EarthWeek LEED Silver Status Project

Published April 17th, 2017 by Jbrake

In 2012, Syracuse City School District made the decision to gut and rehab the H.W. Smith Elementary School and committed to incorporate green building design in order to achieve LEED Silver status. Site initiatives included preferred parking for low-emission vehicles, bicycle storage areas, daylight harvesting system, storm water management, and limiting parking development to encourage use of public transportation. The building envelope incorporated insulated windows, switching lights that turn off depending on the amount of sunlight, a high level of daylighting in the rooms, and a new roof that has white coating to reduce heat gain. Local or regional materials and products with recycled content were also used. 

Other green initiatives included using low-energy equipment, the monitoring of CO2 levels in the building, low-use water reducing plumbing fixtures, and recycling of construction debris. A new elevator, ADA upgrades, code improvements, and infrastructure replacements completed the project. Solar panels for on-site energy generation were also included in the project. More

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